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Item #0000102000

St. Panteleimon (2013)

from Palekh by Tatyana Smirnova
3.00" x 1.25" x 4.00"(7.62 x 3.18 x 10.16 cm)

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Saint Panteleimon (known as Saint Pantaleon in the West) was a Christian martyr of the Diocletianic Persecution in the IV century AD. According to legends and martyrology accounts of his life, he was a physician to the Roman emperor Maximian, and after converting to Christianity was able to heal incurable conditions in the name of God. According to accounts of his life he had also inherited a large fortune from his father which he spent on helping the poor. Other physicians supposedly envied his miracles and reputation among people and took his case to the emperor. His miraculous healing cases were deemed exercises of magic, on which grounds he was tortured and executed.
Regarded as a saint patron of physicians and midwifes, St. Panteleimon is depicted holding a medicine box and a martyr's cross. The face of the Saint on this miniature has an expression of kind understanding and sorrow, reflecting the meaning of his name:"all-compassionate". The gold leaf halo around the saint's head is punctuated by three burgundy red stones. "St. Panteleimon. The Great Martyr" is inscribed in gold letters next to his shoulders. The background is covered in small dots of different colors (hues of yellow and blue), creating a pleasant visual effect. Elegant gold and silver ornament is painted on a strip of brown surrounding the painting, and beyond it the rim of the box is red and has another, very small gold ornament. The sides of the box are decorated with an elaborate gold ornament as well.
This magnificent work is painted by one of the best Palekh artists. The box is made from high quality papier mache. It sits flat, opens without a hinge, and has a red interior. The box and lacquer are in excellent condition.

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