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Item #0000101725

Conqueress of the Deep (2009)

from Fedoskino by N. Orlova
x 3.75" x 2.50"

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This striking, two-piece box showcases some of Fedoskino artist Natalya Orlova's finest work. This box, along with another one from the same artist, were recently showcased in an object d'art exhibit in Dmitrov, Russia at the Dmitrov Kremlin Museum. A certificate, signed by the museum director and stamped, accompanies this work.

The face of a beautiful woman is the focal point of this extremely detailed piece. Her bright blue eyes are shaded with dark blue and burnt orange. Tiny bubbles rest on the ends of her eyelashes and gather at the edge of face. Her hair is quite magnificent; Orlova effortlessly makes the blond tresses appear to float underwater. The woman's hair is various shades ranging from light blond to deep iriddescent orange. Tiny bubbles and strings of pearls are visible between strands of hair. Various sea shells of blue and green create pieces of jewelry for this underwater heiress. Orlova has attached tiny white jewels to the boxes surface to further ornament the woman's hair. Small fish swim up to the woman to gaze at her with wonder. The fish are all painted with wonderfully rich colors. One fish is painted a brilliant green with accents of gold leaf and deep blue. Another fish painted in iridescent silver has stripes of shimmering red, gold, and blue. The grandest fish crowns the woman's head. Blue mother-of-pearl creates the fish's gills. With iridescent silver and gray-blue, this large aquatic vertebrate almost seems to embrace the woman while warding off any unwanted visitors.

The ocean woman's hair extends to the edges of the circular box. The background of dramatic teal. A border of golden fishing nets circles the bottom. The base of the box is composed of four tiny, pearly jewels encircled by another golden border. The piece is flush.

One of the truly spectacular aspects of this box is the inside. The piece is hinged at the back and opens like a clam shell. Golden seaweed winds around the rim and edge of the base and lid. On the dark red of the interior sits an iridescent white stone with the title, artist, village, and year upon it. A tiny pearly jewel also sits on the stone. On the inside lid, a large seahorse is painted in irredescent silver and gold. Absolutely gorgeous!

The second part of this piece is the plate (which measures 6.5" by 5") on which the box sits. The background matches that of the box - a bright teal. Two large fish are illustrated on the plate; one fish is raised. Both fish is painted with shimmering silver and various shades of iridescent oranges. The fish in the foreground is much brighter that the more distant fish. Radiant mother-of-pearl peeks through the gills of the front fish. Each fish's eye is made from a tiny stone. The fish are very detailed and sparkly at every turn. The finished look is one of shimmering elegance. This piece is made from high quality papier mache, and it is sure to capture the esteem of anyone who beholds it.

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