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Item #0000101218

Before the Storm (1963)

from Fedoskino by M. Kornienko
10.00" x 7.25" x 2.75"(25.40 x 18.42 x 6.99 cm)

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A powerful storm is about to move through the area, and a girl is quickening her step to carry her little brother to safety. This large box is a example of Fedoskino old school painting at its finest, and the artist of the piece, Mikhail Kornienko, is a recognized master in drawing scenes like this. Works by Kornienko, which also include his trademark poetic landscapes, have appeared in books, and he has made an outstanding contribution to Fedoskino art over the years. In this one, the artist paints the two figures with uncanny realism right down to the toenails of the young girl's feet. The faces are very sympathetic and you feel as if you want to do everything in your power to help these two poor souls who are caught in a frightening situation, a darkish cloud hanging right over their heads. Closer to the horizon, though, the sky takes on more silvery tones and prevents the composition from becoming too gloomy. The scene actually comes from a Russian masterpiece oil painting (though the original artist eludes my memory right now!) The box has black sides and bottom, with no ornamention, and a red interior. It sits on four very small legs and a hinge at the left. The lacquer has thinned a bit over the years, but overall is pretty good for a box that was done almost 50 years ago, in 1963. The only real flaws are some cracks in the papier mache at one corner (shown below). The papier mache is in no danger of pulling off completely, but at some point it could be fixed if one wanted to do so. For now, though, we will leave it as is and offer it to you at a great price. The box is signed with the name of the artist, village, and year.

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